4" Ductile Iron CS SS Frame Slurry Pump

Model: FF-4D-SM

For pumping slurried solids


•Very High Flow Rates

•High Vertical Head Pressure

•Self Priming

•Variable Speed & Flow

•Small Portable Size

•Advanced Metallurgy

•No Mechanical Seals

•No Internal Friction

•Low Maintenance Design

•Designed for Solids & Slurry Jobs

•No Shaft Couplings,  Fewer Parts

4" Ductile Iron Pump Curve

GPM Pumping Water

Fast Flow’s patented double suction technology produces superior flow rates and high   vertical head pressures.  It is the only line of submersible pumps with no mechanical seals and no internal friction, allowing the pump to run dry or cavitate. The high efficiency hydraulic motors have several advantages over electric submersibles.

Oil Well Cellar Pumping

Competitive Advantages

•  Heat-treated cast pump housing for long life

•  Lighter than other submersible pumps

•  Aluminum or stainless steel frame available

•  Cost effective compared to other pumps

•  Simple design allows for easy servicing

•  Field service in under an hour

•  Pumps 100 barrels of 15 pound drill mud in 9 min

•  Easily field repairable by any mechanic

•  Minimizes costly pump repairs

•  Anti-clog double suction technology

•  Pumps heavy oilfield drill mud & solids

•Run Dry Technology


Oil rig, well cellar pumping
Solids slurry pumping
Refinery tank cleanouts
Heavy solids pumping
Oilfield applications
Disaster response
Reserve pit pumping
Oil spill cleanup 
Barge pumping
Sewage pumping 
Irrigation systems
Salvage jetting and pumping
Agriculture pond pumping
Coal mine pumping
Frac tank cleaning

Heavy crude pumping

Paraffin crude pumping

Diesel and jet fuel pumping

Oil well blowout cleanup

Drill mud mixing/pumping

Water pumping

Charge pump

Vacuum truck assist

Fly ash pumping

Pit dewatering

Directional drilling

Construction dewatering

Floodwater abatement

Utility break locations

Vessel dewatering

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