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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much more water will your emergency bilge pump remove compared to conventional bilge pumps?

The small 2" Fast Flow bilge pump will remove 9,000 to 24,000 gallons per hour depending on the engine shaft speed. Most 12 volt bilge pumps will pump about 1,200 GPH. Our 2" emergency bilge pump kit will fit most sport fishing and pleasure boats. Depending on your engine propeller shaft speed, the 2" will pump 150 to 400 gallons per minute, which is 7.5 to 20 times more than a conventional bilge pump! Much larger Fast Flow pumps that can pump 100,000 GPH are available.

Simply put, Fast Flow can move more water out of a sinking boat faster than any other bilge pump made today.

2. How does the Fast Flow pump work, and why is it better than conventional bilge pumps?

The Fast Flow emergency bilge pump attaches directly to the propeller drive shaft; if your boat shaft is spinning, your Fast Flow pump is working. The Fast Flow emergency pump takes suction from both sides of the impeller and harnesses the tremendous power of the main engine drive system. During an emergency situation, it can pump significantly more water than an electric bilge - it could save your boat and your life.

3. With the Fast Flow impeller attached to the drive system, will it cause boat shaft vibration problems?

The impeller is shaped just like a flywheel and acts as a harmonic balancer! The impeller blades are factory balanced and should not introduce vibration into the drive system. The impeller has no contact with the housing, which eliminates friction, heat, and electrolysis, and makes this bilge pump reliable.

4. Can the Fast Flow bilge pump run dry?

Yes, the Fast Flow pump is made to run dry forever and is designed to be maintenance free. The patented double impeller acts as a fan, and it has NO contact with the pump housing. It's what the Fast Flow pump does not have that makes it so reliable: NO mechanical seals, NO wear plates, NO internal friction, NO bearings, NO bushings, and NO rubber impellers, all of which create friction and heat that leads to pump failure. It does not require any lubrication and is designed to be maintenance free. Annual system inspection of the pump, discharge hose, and discharge fittings is very important.

5. Can the Fast Flow pump cause electrolysis damage?

No. Unlike other pumps, the Fast Flow impeller has no physical contact with the housing, which could cause electrolysis corrosion problems.

6. Will the Fast Flow pump remove fumes from the engine compartment?

Yes. The pump acts as an exhaust fan in dry mode and, if the need arises, the Fast Flow pump will self prime and automatically start pumping. The double fan impeller will help to pull fresh air into the engine compartment during the normal operation. Should the need arise, the Fast Flow pump could keep you afloat and give you time to fix the leaking problem.

7. Does the Fast Flow pump require activation like other bilge pumps?

No. If your boat is moving, your Fast Flow pump is working. The Fast Flow system requires no activation on part of the crew and, unlike other bilge systems, it requires no activation of electrical switching systems. If your boat is moving, your Fast Flow is pumping.

8. Will the pump work when the boat is in reverse?

Yes, it will move approximately 50% of the normal flow rate when the impeller is spinning backwards. Even in reverse, it will remove a significant amount of flooding from the vessel.

9. How much power does it use from the engine to run the Fast Flow bilge pump?

Normally, when pumping air, the Fast Flow pump uses only fractional horsepower. Under emergency full-load conditions, the 2" small pump could use 10 - 15 horsepower. It makes sense to harness the tremendous power of the drive system during an emergency situation.

10. What kind of warranty do you offer for the emergency bilge pump?

We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty for the replacement of the pump.

11. Will the Fast Flow bilge pump cause oil from the bilge to be discharged into the ocean during normal operating conditions?

No bilge pump should ever pump oil into our waters. The Fast Flow is designed as an "emergency bilge pump system" and is not meant to replace conventional bilge pumps. It is mounted above normal bilge height and is meant to be a "life and property saving" system. If your boat sinks, there is a good chance that the environmental damage would be much greater than the amount of oil floating in your bilge.

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