Custom Hydraulic Power Units

Fast Flow's portable hydraulic power units are designed based on industry-leading diesel & electric manufacturer engines and the hydraulics are always custom installed. Fast Flow's HPUs can be further customized to meet your unique hydraulic flow and pressure requirements. Our knowledgeable team has extensive experience with best practices for tough jobs and will advise on an HPU design to match your requirements, including transportation requirements. Arctic weatherization, oil industry safety certifications, - whatever your requirements, Fast Flow can provide. Fast Flow provides multiple hydraulic circuits with high pressure or low pressure flow controls.

HPU Skid or DOT Approved HPU Trailer Design


• Isuzu, Hatz, Kubota, or other diesel or gasoline engines.
• Single or multi circuit variable flow controls
• EPA rated engine with engine vibration isolators
• Tank low level hydraulic fluid shutdown
•Electric HPU systems include explosionproof or TEFC motors.
• Removable tank clean-out covers for easy maintenance
• Engine monitoring and safety shutdown package
• 100% Oil spill and fuel containment trailer
• Double fuel and hydraulic filtration
• 5000 PSI hydraulic gauges
•Optional Air inlet shutdown valve
• Dripless flush face hydraulic couplings
• Electric, air, or hydraulic start with battery & weather safe battery box
•Large tank sight glass with temperature indicators
Other Options
• Large forklift boots and center eye pad lifting system
• Fully custom hydraulic circuits, pressures & flows
• Trailers DOT registered and approved for highway towing
• Electric, air or hydraulic start
• Fiberglass protective grating
• Mechanical or Electric shutdowns
• System flow valve with relief
• Choice coatings with custom colors available
• Easy to read safety and operation labeling
•Optional hydraulic powered pressure washer and optional tool circuits
• Flame arrestor exhaust with heat shield and rain cap
• Load sensing and pressure compensating hydraulics
• Trailers Tires are 10ply, torsion axles with electric brakes.
• 60 or 100 GPM Hydraulic Cooler options

Hydraulic Output Options

Any Single Circuit - 1 Output


Single Circuit Mode - 1 Port

10-50+ GPM @ 3000 PSI

Multiple Circuit - 1, 2 or 3 Outputs


Twin Circuit Mode - 2 Port

10-30 GPM @ 3000 PSI

Triple Circuit Mode - 3 Port

10-20 GPM @ 3000 PSI


Multi-Circuit Custom Circuits

Run a variety of equipment

Your flow and pressure 

Fully Custom Design

Fast Flow Features

• Many footprint sizes from small to large

•Trailer units are DOT approved and come with certificates of origin.
• Oilfield ready systems
• Single or multiple hydraulic circuits available 
• 3000 PSI output or select custom pressures
• Oversized hydraulic cooling packages 
• Fully custom designed systems available 
• Rugged design & proven in the field 
• Long life - some units have over 20,000 hrs
• Premium hydraulic components and hoses
• Designed for easy maintenance & spill containment