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Fast Flow Pumps are compact, powerful, lightweight and portable, all the right features for offshore and dockside pumping. Our pumps are easily maintained and can be serviced in the field by an average technician. With no suction lift limitations and the ability to  pump many types of media ranging from petroleum products to dredging material, Fast Fast Flow pumps are versatile enough to handle your pumping application

Upside Down 480’ Oil Transport Barge - At Theodore, AL Fast Flow pumps was dispatched to a disaster response project, working with Resolve Marine Group.  This clean up project required pumping a 480’ double hull barge that had 5 million gallons of heavy crude oil on board.  It hit what was left of a jack-up rig, its leg was sticking up but was under the surface after hurricane Katrina. The barge leaked a large amount of crude oil, which was sequestered inside once the barge overturned.  It was upside down when it was towed into Mobile Bay. The salvage divers needed a light weight submersible pump that could pump 55 feet of vertical head moving cold heavy crude oil. The compartments were intact, but upside down, this presented some dangerous confined space entry problems for the divers.  They were amazed how well the Fast Flow 2” pumps performed, moving 300 gpm each.  Resolve Marine pumped heavy cold crude oil vertical 55’ then 250’ over to portable frac tanks. The 26 pound portable pumps were easy for workers to move into confined space entry compartments.

Video above shows Fast Flow Pumps working to pump environmentally sensitive waste from a holding facility to a waiting barge.

Fast Flow pumps excel in working marine salvage operations such as pumping cold crude from the overturned oil tanker, pictured to the left.

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