Oil & Gas Pumping

Drill Rig Well Cellar Pumping

Drilling companies are using Fast Flow 4" steel pumps to move drill cuttings from the well cellar, where the bit meets the earth, to the cutting box or reserve pit. Each 4" pump can remove 600 to 800 GPM of heavy solids. 

Refinery Coke Fines Pit

Fast Flow 4” and 6” pumps are being used to pump pits filled with acidic, abrasive coke fines pooled at high temperatures reaching 160˚F to 180˚F. This severe service application has 3 difficult problems: pumping abrasive solids, pumping high temperature fluids that can melt hydraulic seals, and pumping an acidic solution that attacks pumps, pump frames, and hydraulic hose component parts. The Fast Flow pump performed significantly better than all other pumps that tried to complete this difficult project.


Reserve Pit

Drill cuttings can contain frac sand and other very abrasive materials. Fast Flow pumps are excellent at moving these heavy solids because the pumps have no  have mechanical seals, no wear plates, and the impeller has no contact with the housing. Fast Flow pumps do not have internal friction inside the pump, which helps to minimize erosional damage. 

Jet Fuel 

Ingalls shipbuilding, located in Pascagoula, Mississippi, uses Fast Flow pumps to offload fuel tank compartments loaded with JP5 jet fuel on Navy ships. Fast Flow pumps are proven safe for moving diesel and jet fuel, since our impeller has no contact with the alum housing and it can run dry for extended periods of time without damage.  They have used Fast Flow 3" pumps for over 5 years.

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