Fast Flow Pump Barge System

Fast Flow introduces our new small barge system that is designed for pit slurry/solids removal.  The small dredge barge combines with our Twin hydraulic motor / double suction pump, it has no bearings, no mechanical seals, no bearings, and no internal friction.  Our new FF 4 Chromium pump is especially effective for pumping coal “fly ash” and other abrasive slurry/solids in severe service applications.  The pump can dredge a 5’ diameter hold 5’ deep in only minutes.  It is important to keep the pump discharge in the full upright position for best results, the barge does an excellent job. Ideally recycle the fluids to float the barge.

Overwater Pump Platform

Powered by a robust Fast Flow

Hydraulic Power Unit

Equipped with Fast Flow's Reliable Submersible Pumps

The New Fast Flow Hydraulic

Barge Pumping System

Video Demonstration of Pump Barge System

Winch Operating System Diagram.png

Winch Operated Lifting System


Customers often use our pumps in waste solids pits and they have used long reach excavators to relocate the pump head in the waste pit.  Our new barge will be more effective and save customers money by eliminating the continuous need for the expensive excavator.  If the coal fly ash pit has enough water above the solids to float the small barge it can easily be relocated.  We installed an electric winch to raise /lower the pump head, keeping the pump vertical.  When the pump is in correct vertical discharge position, we learned that the solids content in the flow stream is very high.   

Fly Ash Pumping

Bottom Ash Pumping

Coal Ash Pumping

Environmental Cleanup

Waste Lagoon Cleanout

Power Plant Pumping

Reserve pit pumping

Clarifier pumping

Pit slurry pumping

Heavy solids pumping

Disaster response

Oil spill response

Barge cleaning operations

Agriculture pond aeration

Floodwater abatement

Vessel dewatering

Industrial waste pumping

Safety-The barge is designed to be operated outside the pit containment area, there is no operator stationed on the barge when working. The operator is not exposed to fumes and dangerous pit chemicals. By contrast the excavator operator and machine is often working inside the fly ash pit. The barge has tag positioning lines that can move the barge into position.