Waste Water Pumping

Fast Flow Pumps Waste Water Applications

Fast Flow pumps, with patented double annular inlet technology, effectively move waste water. Two inlets means more flow than other single inlet type pumps. With no mechanical seals and no internal wear plates, Fast Flow pumps are clog resistant and can be serviced easily in the field when large foreign debris enters the pump.

Fast Flow Pumps Municipal Pumping Applications


Fast Flow pumps are ideal for emergency wastewater cleaning and de-watering because they are lightweight, portable, and can easily handle municipal solids. Sewage clean outs and municipal service repairs can be completed during emergency events with Fast Flow hydraulic power units driving the Fast Flow pumps.

Waste Water Lagoons Pumping Applications

Waste Water Lagoons

Fast Flow pumps handle pumping heavy fluid stored in waste lagoons, including residual calcium, coal fines, oilfield drilling waste, oilfield flow back, and agricultural waste. Fast Flow pumps are portable and because they are lightweight, can be easily rigged or maneuvered by a single person, unlike other heavier pump brands.

Industrial Tanks Pumping Applications

Industrial Tanks

Fast Flow pumps have a simple design with no mechanical seals and no wear plates, and are power-packed to move heavy industrial fluids, like pulp from a clarifier at a paper mill. Other applications include large diameter oil storage tanks and process waste tanks. Specialized coatings can help to minimize chemical attacks.

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