Fast Flow Pump Applications

Hundreds of uses across a spectrum of industries


Slurry and solids pumping

Tank cleaning

Pond aeration

Forestry firefighting


Livestock watering

Animal waste pumping

Facility wash down

Water pumping

Fertilizer pumping

Aquaculture pumping


Barge cleaning/pumping

Oilfield drill cuttings 

Tank cleaning

Heavy crude pumping

Paraffin crude pumping 

Refinery coke pumping

Refinery tank clean out

Rail car cleaning

Confined space entry 

Low tank level pumping

Heavy solids pumping

Slurry pumping

Emergency Response

Barge and shipwreck Floodwater removal

Salvage operations

Firefighting support

Sewage bypass

Oil well blow-out

Sludge pit pumping

Marine fire pump

Cleaning and washing

Water pumping

Contaminated waste

Tanker truck filling

Diving jetting operations

Energy Pump

Rig well cellar pumping

Coke pit pumping

Vacuum truck support

Reserve pit pumping

Fly ash pumping

Oil rig blowout cleanup

Coal fine pumping

Heavy crude pumping

Diesel and jet fuel pumping

Drill mud mixing/prep

Frac tank pumping

Pipeline directional drilling

Charge pump

Pit dewatering

Pipeline directional drilling

Construction dewatering

Geo tube & bag filling

Floodwater abatement

Mine dewatering

Utility break locations

Vessel dewatering

Barge pumping


Waste Water Pumping

Sewage bypass

Water & sewer applications

Sewer vault pumping/inspection

Sewer pit cleaning

Tank cleaning

Mud and slurry handling

Clean up

General fluid pumping

Utility break dewatering

Pit dewatering

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