Disaster Response Pumping

Fast Flow Pumps provides a wide range of hydraulic submersible pump systems for disaster response, available and ready to ship now. Fast Flow Pumps are reliable submersible pumps, with a relatively small size for the volume of fluid pumped. The portable 3" pumps can maintain a flow rate of up to 600GPM, and the 4" durable Ductile Iron or 27% Chromium pumps can pump up to 1100GPM. They do not have mechanical seals, bearings, or internal wear parts allowing them to run dry indefinitely.


River Flooding

Coastal Flooding

In a disaster, a good pump can be critical. Look no further: Fast Flow Pumps are lightweight, portable, easy to maintain, and cost effective.

Disaster Response Applications

•Reliable Emergency Response Systems Ready to Rent

•Heavy Duty Flood & Dewatering Pumps

•Dewater Flooded Facilities

•Refloat and Salvage Boats and Vessels

•Remediate Refineries and Chemical Plants

•Large Diameter Tank Disaster Mitigation

•API Separator Cleaning

•Flooded Loading Areas

Fast Flow can ship nationwide, and carries several pump systems available for rent now.


Hurricane Response Pumping 

There is a drilling waste processing plant on the Gulf Coast, and before hurricane Katrina struck in 2005, they called on Fast Flow to prepare the facility for the potential  flooding. Fast Flow installed a diesel HPU on high ground and placed a 3” Fast Flow Pump inside the containment walls of the  drilling waste processing plant. During the hurricane, seawater came over the 7’ containment wall. The system ran unattended continuously for 36 hours before being shutdown. The fast flow pump successfully handled the storm surge flooding and saved  expensive electrical equipment from salt-water.  Fast Flow pumps can run dry for long periods of time without damage and handle shock loading with sudden pumping demand, distinguishing it from other pumps. For hours before and after the storm, the system ran dry. During the storm, the Fast Flow brand equipment was constantly shock loaded with varying demand, and managed to save the plant from flooding, averting disaster.

Of the 5 plants that they operated on the Gulf coast and were affected by Hurricane Katrina, the only one that remained operational was the one protected by Fast Flow Pumps. 

Fast Flow 4" Twin Motor Showcase

Up to 185' of Throw

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